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Best of Grow BL 3154

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Switching from a 1000 watt high pressure sodium or metal halide system to a Best of Grow ceramic metal halide system will increase the growth, health, and yield of your plants and will lower your energy costs. The wide spectrum of our CMH bulbs allows to be used from the vegetative phase straight through to flowering.

The lower wattage of our 315W CMH bulb versus the standard 1000W HID bulb translates to less heat being expelled from the bulb and the ability to place the grow fixture closer to the canopy, increasing light intensity and canopy penetration. This double glass jacketed lamp features a bi-pin high quality lamp base and is rated for either open or enclosed fixture use. The ultra-efficient ceramic metal halide system can do the same job as MH and HPS with better results, using less power and emitting less heat. Best of Grow 315W ceramic metal halide bulbs pair well with any bi-pin 315W system, like our Best of Grow CMH Reflector Ballast System.



Base Designation PGZX18
Bulb Designation T38
Max Base Temperature(°C) 250
Max Bulb Temperature(°C) 350
Luminaire type ENCLOSE/OPEN
Socket Pulse Rating(KV) 5
Light Output (Lumens100Hrs) 33000
Lumens/Watt 105
Rated Life(Hrs. 10 Hr.1Strat) 15000
Color Temperature (K) 4200
Chromaticity (CIE-x/y) 0.378,0.369
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 98
Burning Position HORIZONTAL±15°
Hot Restart Time(min) 3-5
PPF (μmol/s) 540
Nominal lamp voltage (V) 100
Output Power 315W
Bulb Diameter: 39 mm
Overall Length: 193mm
Light Center Length (mm) 89