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LED Rebate Policy

LED Rebate Policy

It's often more than you expect!


California Utility Authority requires LEDs should be marked with ETL and DLC. LEDs from Best of grow currently have ETL marks, and the DLC marks are coming soon. 

Secondly, there are three utility companies that provide rebates to commercial users:


They ask growers to complete installing LED devices before applying rebates, it has to be a retrofit construction and leads to a decrease of energy consumption. The rebate rate is up to 40 dollars per fixture. 

Their online application entry is here:

You can find more details via their catalog:


Growers should install the fixture before submitting applications. SCE will inspect the project. They provide rebates based on the electricity applicant saves, up to 0.12 dollar per kWh. 

They have a application directory and online submission portal via the link below:

Also, you can find details about the rebate via their catalog:


They ask growers to submit the application before installing the fixtures. Qualified applicants can get up to 200 dollars per kW rebate, or up to 75% of the total retrofit project cost. 

Applicants can submit the application via their online portal or email them. The entrance and all necessary documents can be found on their website:



Michigan Utility Authority requires LEDs be marked with ETL and DLC to be eligible to get the rebate.

In the State of Michigan, two utility companies provide rebates. They are:


They ask applicants to complete the application form before they start the re-construction project. By replacing the existing lamps with LEDs, Coldwater can provide up to 20 US dollars per fixture.

The application form, as well as the application process can be found in the document below:

Great Lakes Energy

This utility company asks applicants to do a self-determination to see if they meet the basic requirements. After this step, growers can install the fixtures, and submit the application materials. If they are approved, the applicants can get the payment in six to eight weeks. Based on the energy efficiency, or the reduced energy cost, applicants can get up to 14 US dollars rebate, or 0.3 US dollar reduced electricity rebate. The application form, as well as the application process can be found in the document below:



Utility Authority requires LEDs be marked with ETL and DLC to be eligible to get the rebate.

In the State of Oklahoma, two utility companies provide rebates. They are:


Other than the basic certification requirements, DEEP is only eligible to retrofit program. The rebate will be given based on the reduced usage of electricity. Rebate amounts are up to $200 per kW reduction.

The application guideline and process can be found via the link below:


They will provide incentive only if the retrofit program can lead to a reduction of energy usage reduction, and the reduction should be no less than 25,000 kWh annually. For all LED retrofit and/or LED new construction program, the applicants can get 0.09 US dollar per kWh rebate.

The application forms and guideline can be found via the link below:!ut/p/z1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjo8ziLQLdDTy8TQx9_Y39nQ0cvYKcLM2M3I38jUz1wyEKjAycDTxNjLwMvIBMR2cLF-9ASydjAw8T_SiS9Lt7G7kaOHq7uASaBrgYejoRqd8AB3A0INJ-3Aqi8Bsfrh8FsQJHCJgaEFAACiJUBVjCgJArCnJDQ0MjDDI90xUVAReikls!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/



Ameren Missouri

Their standard incentives are paid on a per unit-installed basis and are available for a variety of qualifying equipment.

  1. Only the incentives are anticipated to be more than $15000 require pre-approval. The basic process is purchase and install equipment, submit application, application review, incentive paid.
  2. For eligible of this incentive program, all equipment must meet the requirement.
  3. The cap of this incentive program is 3,000,000.
  4. The guideline and application form can be found at:


Energy Missouri

Energy Standard Incentives provide savings for energy-efficient equipment upgrades on a one-for-one basis.

  1. Projects with an anticipated incentive value of more than $10,000 require pre-approval and are subject to pre- and post-inspections.
  2. Applications must be submitted within 90 days of project installation to be eligible for an incentive.
  3. One-for-one HID replacement to LED fixture may be eligible for $250 incentive per unit.
  4. The guideline and application portal can be found at:



Mass Save

Incentive program in Massachusetts is governed by Mass Save.

Program page:

Incentives given for replacement of operating equipment. Applicants should get pre-approval before they buy and install the new equipment. Once approved, the applicants have 12 months to purchase and install the qualifying equipment.

  1. Only DLC marked fixtures are eligible for receiving incentives.
  2. Program may go through pre- and post- installation verification, and a three-year monitoring.
  3. The incentives up to $250 on eligible fixtures.
  4. Multiple electricity companies in Massachusetts provide incentives through the program, applicant can only apply once for each program.
  5. The guideline and the application form can be found at:


The program is available to commercial customers of:


National Grid