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Especially designed for your growth system, the Best of Grow LED inter-lighting tubo is the best solution for an easy HPS to LED replacement. The photon flux of up to 450 μmol/s, the high photon efficacy of up to 3.0 μmol/J helps you effectively optimize crop growth, enhance crop quality and cut operational costs, for various applications.

This LED combined with our dedicated light recipes open new opportunities for growers to increase yields and move to predictable year-round production. Our dedicated horticultural LED lighting with an extensive lifetime and a proven track record across the globe will increase the quality of your crop and guarantee more predictable growth. Our LED lighting products deliver excellent lighting uniformity and ultimately consistent growth results. Thanks to passive cooling, our products require less maintenance compared to water- and fan-cooled units.

The design of a LED module has a significant impact on its overall performance and lifetime. At Signify we take all the necessary steps to make sure your LED products are reliable and provide longlasting performance. We put each component through a battery of stringent technical and mechanical tests.


Light Source LED
Average Rated Life Hours: >50,000 hours
PPF 450 μmol/s
Input Power 100W
Efficacy 3.0 μmol/J
Input Voltage 347V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Suggested Assemble Height  <2.0M/6.56ft
LEDS Ratio Red + Blue
Dimensions L 95.2" x W 5.12" x H 4.57"
L 241.8cm x W 13cm x H 11.6cm
Weight 5.46kg/12.0lb