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Growmech 16'' Breeze Pro VF-10 Fan 120V

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Mining uniform climate.
Due to the better performance on consistent air circulation delivery at plant and animal level, vertical ventilation fans are more increasingly used in indoor growing and livestock farms. Model T42 Vertical Flow Fan 120V/240V deploys the unique designed aerodynamics to optimize the microclimate for the plant growing. This fan also mixes the warm air around the ceiling of the building or greenhouse with the cold air, helping you save on A/C and heating costs.
Reflecting white color to optimize the result.
Low noise


Switchable for 120v 230w and 240v 260w (need electrician to do wiring)
Product size dia. 660mm x h 560 mm
Blade dia. 420mm
1150 R.P.M.
3100 CFM
Special aerodynamic shaped conical
Motor IP 55
Noise < 50 dB at 7 metres
ETL pending