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Best of Grow OS660 + Boost Kit

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The Best of Grow OS660 delivers broad, intense light coverage with its 6 passively cooled LED bars allowing you to use it in low rooms, vertical racks, over benches, or even in tents. This powerful, full-spectrum light source is intended for full-term plant growth from the vegetative stage to the higher-light-requiring bloom and finishing stages. The foldable design also allows you to store, transport it easily.

The boost kit adds UV and Far red into the spectrum, which give critical robust to the plants. This plug and play boost kit is very easy to install and use. It is compatible with our OS 660 fixtures. 


Frequency 50/60Hz


Input Voltage 100~277VAC

Current 1.7-0.61A

Power Consumption 170W

Power Factor >0.9

PPF 425μmol/s@277VAC

Efficiency 2.5 μmol/J@277VAC

Ingress Protection IP66

Lifetime 50,000hrs

Warranty 5 years

Operationl Phase Bloom phase

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