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Best of Grow 315W CMH Fixture

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The Best of Grow CMH 315 system is a complete, low-profile 315W ceramic metal halide lighting system designed for commercial growers needs. It features cooling mechanism to allow the internal electronic components to operate at optimal temperature range, ensuring long ballast life. The German made reflector was specifically designed to distribute the CMH lamp’s PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) in a rectangular, traditional spread, yielding very high delivered µmol/s when positioned closer to the canopy and a wider distribution of plant-usable energy when raised higher. The fixture also features a Vossloh Schwabe Lampholder imported from Germany.

The Best of Grow CMH 315 systems are available in 120V - 240V versions. The included highly- efficient CMH lamp produces excellent PPF and optimal spectrum outside of the PAR range to trigger photomorphogenic responses such as increased terpene content. The matched Best of Grow ballast is a low frequency, 50/60Hz square wave product. This CMH system is the ideal lighting solution for vegetative and flowering growth alike.



Light Source

Single-ended Ceramic metal

halide lamp 315 W 100 V

Lamp Number 1
Input Voltage 120V/240V
Input Power 343W
Power Factor > 0,95
Output Power 315W
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Operation Frequency 140 - 220 Hz
THD <15%
Crest Factor <1.7
Inrsh Current ≤ 37.5 Amps
Weight 3.58kg/7.89lb
Dimming Type

Dimming Coltage changes

between 5 - 10 V, the input

power changes between

50% - 100%