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Best of Grow Ruby 120C

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Best of Grow 1000W DE Commercial Fixtures combine with reliable and efficient Best of Grow master controller port. This commercial greenhouse fixture is designed and assembled with premium components and superior construction for the professional horticultural enthusiast. Thermally optimized non-air cooled aluminum ballast housing does not require a cooling fan. Internal ballast programming will protect the fixture in instance of open circuit, short circuit, over/under voltage or high temperature exposure. The protection control range for output is between 50% - 115%.

Best of Grow 1000W DE has dimmable/selectable wattage and built-in three color LED lights for easily self-indication and status history. Low current, staggered ignition delay feature eliminates circuit inrush overload and protects lamp for increased lumen maintenance. Our optic is engineered for high performance. 95% reflective lamp delivers excellent uniformity, output and diffusion. Best of Grow lamps used in this fixture focus on increased photosynthetic response.



Light Source

Double-ended electronic

high-pressure sodium

lamp 1000 W 240 V

Lamp Number 1
Input Voltage 277V
Input Current 3.85A
Input Power 1045W
Output Power 1000W
Voltage range (+/-10%): 249-305V
Power Factor > 0.99
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Operation frequency 100-120kHz
THD <10%
Crest Factor <1.7
24.88"XW 8.86"X4.33"
Weight 5.95kg/13.12lb
Dimming Range

600W, 750W, 825W,

1000W, 1150W, EXT

Warranty 4 Years